As we navigated our teens and early twenties, my friends and I made up a name for the melancholy cloud that would often settle in on a Sunday afternoon, following a night out dressed in tight clothes and vodka.

“Emma, I just don’t know what I’m doing with my life,” I’d moan to one of my best friends on a particularly hazy Sunday, bereft.  “It’s The Sunday Sads,” would be her matter-of-fact reply. “Be kind to yourself, and try not to take your thoughts seriously right now. You’ll feel better tomorrow, I know it.”

She was right. Come Monday, my life would pulse with meaning once again.

As I grew older, the ‘Sunday Sads’ morphed into ‘The Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and even sometimes Wednesday Sads,’ and these days I think very carefully about saying yes to that second and definitely that third round of Gin and Tonics on a weekend night.

Even so, the joy of Sunday is apt to falter in the face of the working week ahead, whether alcohol and/or a lack of sleep featured in the weekend’s plans or not.

So here are a few good things I’m taking stock of today to celebrate my Sunday.

Porridge with pear

A Bowl of Porrige with Pear - Getting Over the Sunday Sads

Nick made this for me this morning; it was perfectly creamy and sweet thanks to a hint of honey. He’s always cooking up delicious stuff, though!

A beautiful day

The city view from my balcony -  - Getting Over the Sunday Sads

What a morning! 

A cute cat journal

A cute cat journal -  - Getting Over the Sunday Sads

Almost the next best thing to owning a real one is having multiple sketched ones on a peach-coloured notebook, right? Sure… This lovely journal I bought from the delectable Scrumptious Reads bookshop in Red Hill on a visit with my friend yesterday. “I love how you find the best books, Julie,” my friend said to the owner, whose collection is indeed unique (and one of my favourites!); nowhere else have I stumbled upon a copy of, “The Eloquence of the Sardine.”


A shrub and an open window -  - Getting Over the Sunday Sads

Probably my favourite season in beautiful Brisbane; jacarandas in vibrant purples, bright white frangipanis, the aptly named flame tree ablaze in orange and reds, and whatever this shrub is, which, together with its light blue blooms, is muscling its way into my bedroom.

French radio

FIP French radio on my stereo -  - Getting Over the Sunday Sads

Going from BB King to a funky instrumental with the smooth, throaty notes of a Frenchwoman in between is absolute bliss.

‍What are your favourite Sunday things? How do you keep the ‘Sunday Sads’ at bay?


E. xx