It is 4.30pm on Friday afternoon. I have long given up on work and can barely write this sentence as I’m munching on deliciously salty, olive-oily popcorn. I’d been mature enough to grab a napkin for my afternoon snack, but not enough to use it well, apparently; my laptop keys are slippery under my fingers, which is a little bit gross and probably more than a little bit unsanitary. Never mind.

What are you getting up to this spring weekend?

I’ve told myself I’ll use some of mine to catch up on the work that I didn’t do this afternoon. This indulgent, reckless thinking at least sweetens my earlier start to the weekend, but of course I don’t really believe it.

I’d like to dust off my sewing machine and get started on a gift for my mum’s birthday next month, and I mean using said machine as a seat on which I can perch to brainstorm present ideas, of course. Just kidding, I am actually planning on threading and pedalling; mum wanted cushion covers for her outdoor furniture, and I know I took measurements, I’m just not sure where I put them.

I have recently reached a very fleshy 30K words on my writing project, which is more words than I have ever written on a single piece, so I will be hunkering down with a coffee and a plethora of self-deprecating thoughts to struggle on with it. Again, I am blessing you all with another joke; self-doubt is always along for the journey, and I’ve almost, almost gotten used to her.

Lastly, but not leastly, I’ll be visiting an old friend for coffee and the Queensland Art Gallery’s European Masterpieces from The Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibition.

Oh – and I’ll definitely be cleaning my laptop’s keyboard at some stage, too!

I thought I’d take a leaf out of Cup of Jo’s book (I’m not sure of the digital equivalent of such an idiom) and include a few ideas for you.

Speaking of Cup of Jo, have you planned – or, rather, are you a reluctant invitee to – ample social events this weekend? Here’s an article I love, and which really resonated with me, about social anxiety.

If you’re hoping to hunker down at home, I took a chance on a TV show I’d never heard of (always risky) and it paid off! This show, written by and starring Roisin Contany, is laugh out loud funny.

A cat in her bed - From E to You lifestyle blog.
There’s no place like home.

I know spring is settling in, but before we emerge completely from the cold, I wanted to share one of my favourite soup recipes. Every time I make this, I wonder how it can possibly be so healthy and so tasty. The amount of cheese I garnish on top might have something to do with it. (Kinda takes it far away from detox, though.)

A bowl of lentil soup from a Pinch of Yum - From E to You lifestyle blog.

How beautiful is this Paddington home’s façade? Mine is surely not the first blog to feauture it.. in fact, after I’d taken this photo I noticed a fellow walker taking a quick pic! In some exciting news for fellow Brisbanites who love their home décor, Nest Living launched today! Maybe you’re in the mood for a little spring redecorating?

A fuscia coloured door of a black brick gate with bougainvillea tumbling over the top and lime green leaves out the front.

Take care!